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San Diego Video Production Company that believes in authentic cinematic Brand films, commercials and product videos

We create authentic and cinematic films that 

enhance remarkable people, places, and organizations.

ATE makes video easy. With 3 simple steps we can take an intro meeting to a finished master piece. Making sure your target market is engaged, entertained, and focused on your key messaging.

The Testimonial


One of the most powerful things a video can do is connect a current customer to a new customer.  Welcome to the new brand of testimonial where we kick the cheesy mid 2000s music to the curb and bring you authentic cinematic storytelling with emotion and passion. 

Testimonial Films

The Case Study

Show what you can do.

How do you make a potential or existing client believe that you are the right person for the job?  What better way than a case study film that talks about and shows them that you have already done something similar.  Brag about yourself and your accomplishments  on every project.

The Emotional

Make an Impact.

Every non-profit tells amazing stories every day.  But written word doesn't always provoke emotion like a video does.  Getting to see the eyes of the person telling their story and how they were impacted by your organization can make your eyes water and check book open. Lets create an emotional connection today.

The Commercial

Commercials still have a place.

They are more than just interruptions; they're a vibrant canvas for storytelling and creativity. In an era inundated with content, commercials guide us to products and experiences we might otherwise overlook sparking memorable moments that endure beyond the screen. 

The Recruiter

Show people what you believe.

An HR recruiting film offers a dynamic and immersive way to showcase your company's culture. Moreover, doubling as a brand film, it establishes your core beliefs to customers, fostering trust and resonance with your audience, while also enhancing your overall brand image.

The Explainer

What you do can be complicated.

Sometimes there isn't a way to film something that matches your brand style and quality.  That is where the animated explainer video comes in. We can walk the customer through exactly what the process is and how it works in a clean and fun way that matches your brand guidelines.


I worked with Tony for over 10 years. The best video production company I have ever worked with. Always professional, on time or ahead of schedule, and always within budget. Cannot recommend highly enough!!
-Aaron Ishaeik MIG

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San Diego California


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